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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  January 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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current tv. have a great one. see you back here tomorrow. >> this is "the bill press show." [ music ]
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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: okay. here we go. we're not in any way hung over from inauguration festivities. i did not just get here 20 seconds ago. and jacki schechner look at you. you're fully prepared. you were out until 4:00 a.m. >> you're not supposed to tell people that! i went home with you at 1:00 and wrote my news. >> stephanie: sure, you did. >> exactly what i did. >> not that i was posting on twitter at 4:00 a.m. >> stephanie: i think you saw from the pictures what i was
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doing. hanging out with the vice president. we'll talk about that a little bit. in the meantime, here she is. it was a big fing deal. here she is, jacki schechner in her current news hovel here on the road. >> at least you got out of captain america's underpants. >> pup tent. >> right now this hour former presidents, house members senators governors cabinet members all start arriving for the inauguration. as do the crowds. the estimates have gotten as high as about 900,000 people at this point. this is minuscule however compared to last inauguration. 1.8 million but of course we're a little more subdued. the first lady will be seated at 11:14. vice president biden seated next then president obama then we get the invocation from marley evers williams. eves widow.
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justice sotomayor swears in the justice. john roberts swears in the president. we'll hear his inaugural address around noon. all of this is just pomp and circumstance because the president actually was sworn in for his second term yesterday. he had a quiet ceremony in the blue room of the white house with family and some media. his first action of his second term was hugging his family and saying to sasha i did it. isn't that sweet? there is a constitutional requirement that he has to be sworn in by noon on the 20th which is why they had to do it yesterday. >> stephanie: i didn't realize we were still here. i'm not used to it. hi. >> just drink your coffee. sit there and look pretty. >> after today this is an interesting tidbit, president obama will match president franklin roosevelt's president of being sworn in four times because last year chief justice roberts flubbed the official oath and they had to do it again out of an abundance of caution.
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yesterday he was sworn in. today will be the fourth. so we're going to hear the speech. we think it's going to be hopeful tone. optimistic. the about the has to get right to work. deal with the debt ceiling immigration and of course, we know gun control. agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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>> the only ones i could find that were any newsworthy. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: okay. if you say so. it is "the stephanie miller show" on the road live from washington, d.c. for the inauguration. here we are in bill press's studio. >> this is so discombobulating. >> stephanie: it is like the regular show only with more drinking and less sleep.
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jacki, how are you doing in there? can you hear me? >> i'm behind the glass. i'm in the news team. >> stephanie: she looks like a lobster. i want that one! >> you want the smallest lobster? >> stephanie: i want the smallest, boniest, spiniest lobster in the tank. the one from miami. i feel like we've overtaken bill press's fort. >> we have. >> stephanie: every time i have to take over, i say the same thing to him. he's like hi, steph. i'm like get out bill. >> daven is out here on the floor. >> dan henning his associate producer. >> stephanie: kids, where do we start? wowee. >> first of all, i have been drunk -- >> stephanie: i took the party plane out. i was telling you guys. >> you made a lot of new friends on the party plane. >> stephanie: the flight from l.a., every single person on the flight was drunk jim.
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i'm quite certain.
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>> you've been in a drunken haze for four days. >> stephanie: now i can't remember what's happened. it is such a haze. the first night, we were drinking -- drunk. >> stephanie: in my room. it was me and jacki schechner melissa fitzgerald, our truffle. >> what's funny is you sent the text message to us to join you in your room. we walked in your room and you guys were already hammered. >> stephanie: chris and jim came. roland was slurring his words. >> stephanie: sexy liberal tour director. we were drinking and trying on gowns. >> as you do. >> melissa fitzgerald, she is a real girl. i don't leave my house. i wear this baseball hat and
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t-shirt ul day every -- all day every day. >> i didn't own a gown until i lived in d.c. it's not something you might necessarily own unless you walk the red carpet like melissa does. >> stephanie: that you might have thought about the day before you left for the trip. someone that was of higher intelligence. >> you work in radio. you don't dress up. >> stephanie: right. i called jacki. it has been a drunken fashion emergency for days now. ball! okay. so anyway, we were all getting drunk and trying on gowns. i said it was like a -- an edition of toddlers with tiaras only drunk. what about this one? >> honey boo-boo a mixture of red bull and mountain dew. so you had your go-to which was
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chardonnay. >> stephanie: right. i tell you what, all i remember, jim, this is the part you'll enjoy. because you may have had to make the apology calls after the bottle of vodka night. koala latched on to melissa fitzgerald sucking on her like a eucalyptus leaf. >> she's straight. >> stephanie: that's the reason for the apology call. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: like a screech monkey. jacki was with me the next morning. beep. melissa, hi, it's -- i apologize for attaching myself to your face like a face-sucking alien. i know you're straight. >> did that cause for any awkwardness the next day? >> stephanie: no. she enjoyed it apparently. >> she was hanging on my face during the show. that was -- >> stephanie: the debauchery that happened this weekend. the best part is melissa's going along with it all.
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>> stephanie: somehow we have sucked this person into the vortex. i was saying it a whole reality show. melissa, i'm sorry. i know you're straight. >> i'm sorry i blanked. it is like mad libs. i'm sorry i -- burp. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: jacki always calls it america's funniest lesbian pranks. can you help me with the zipper on this gown? oops i fell. help me! >> jacki's straight as well. >> stephanie: listen, she knows. she's gotten the apology call. >> she's been on the end of it. >> stephanie: oh my god you deal with this. find her a girlfriend. this is exhausting! >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: all right.
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inauguration. >> obama four more years! >> stephanie: i was so excited about being here for inauguration weekend, i broke up with my fake internet girlfriend. i'm sure i did something to the washington monument. i called and apologized. >> oh, boy. >> stephanie: i think it's straight too. >> stephanie: really straight. so that brings us to what can we say about sexy liberal saturday night? oh, my god. >> it was amazing. >> stephanie: jim ward is brilliant, by the way as usual. you missed a whole thing there. >> you missed the big thing on saturday afternoon. the white house. >> stephanie: oh! >> affair with vice president biden. oh, white house. oh yeah. >> stephanie: that's right! >> yeah.
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>> stephanie: how did i leave out that we got a private tour of the white house. >> including the situation room. which nobody sees. >> stephanie: i almost caused a situation in the situation room. >> as you do. >> stephanie: they forgot they were supposed to take our cell phones. we were like oh, my god how close are we to a sniper? poor john said "i'm fired." >> stephanie: we have a big fan, a proud out and gay air force fan -- >> he's been on the show before. he couldn't reveal who he was. he's the founder of outserve magazine. when he was on don't ask don't tell was still in place. so he could not reveal what his name was or who he was. but now he can. his name is jonathan mills. we thank him so much. >> stephanie: seriously, you were the biggest geek. even though we were all geeking out. i swear i've never heard a man gasp like that. oh, is that the -- oh! it is the oval office.
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>> i'm sorry. i was like wow! >> i'm glad they left the rug in there. >> they took ruggy out. >> stephanie: we were in the room when they got bin laden, we were in that room. >> where the famous picture was taken where hillary went -- ahh! >> stephanie: what about that phone? just give him a look. do not touch that phone! >> uh-oh. just launched a strike. >> stephanie: that's why you could never work in the situation room. you end to blurt things out. you would say guess who we're going to kill tonight. i'm sorry. was that the thing i wasn't supposed to -- >> they had a bunch of televisions in there. all of the televisions could tune to any television station on earth anywhere. the local nbc station in abilene. it gets it. could get it in there. >> stephanie: i always wanted to know what zulu time is.
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what time is it in abbottabad? >> there are clocks say what time it is where the president is. >> tune into zambia's funniest home videos. >> stephanie: can i play with the remote? we haven't got ton me and the vice president. now, that's a tease. >> you know, he's straight. >> stephanie: i have to call and apologize this morning. we haven't even gotten to the show and who we met yesterday. we've got stories. we've got stuff. 18 minutes after the hour. it is "the stephanie miller show." for better or worse live on the road from the inauguration here in washington, d.c. we'll be right back. >> announcer: she's your human tie depressant. it's "the stephanie miller show." every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence.
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current tv presents special coverage of the presidential inauguration. the pomp, the circumstance the insight and analysis. only on current tv.
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>> i'll keep -- >> stephanie miller ♪ my dirty little secret ♪ ♪ my dirty little secret ♪ ♪ who has to know ♪ >> stephanie: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> no secret about you. everyone knows everything. >> stephanie: blowing secrets out all morning. 23 minutes after the hour. it is live. from washington, d.c. pet sexy liberal director.
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>> petroland who we just discovered is dressed inside out. >> stephanie: they were out until 4:00. >> he walked to work this morning with his shirt inside out. >> they have cabs here. didn't you have to walk. >> stephanie: i'm continuing my tradition of killing roland with exercise. >> i'll give him my headphones. >> stephanie: we walked because i don't -- you can't get anywhere close to here. we're right at the capitol. >> i took metro. metro station right over here. so much easier. >> than the 90-minute death walk. >> stephanie: i bought you a breakfast sandwich. hush. >> i want ado nut. >> sounds so high-strung this morning. >> stephanie: well, listen, he pulled off, ladies and gentlemen, amazing sexy liberal show saturday night. >> it was the best. >> stephanie: that's what everybody said. >> it was the best. >> stephanie: i don't remember because i was -- >> drunk.
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>> melissa fitzgerald kissed me on the mouth. >> stephanie: jim has wood. that was like two days ago. she came out in her jessica rabbit dress and sang to jim and kissed him. here will be the scandal roland. melissa fitzgerald wore that dress. then she lent it to me last night for the green ball and then she's going to wear it tonight to the big ball. so. people are going to go how is she going to -- they keep trading that dress. >> it seems to attract vice presidents. >> stephanie: oh, look at you teasing. we're not to the vice president story yet. >> he did not go to radio school like we did. >> i'm a little tired this morning. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right, we were still at saturday we got a private tour of the white house and the situation room and it's like you see in the movies, the smaller situation runnel was the one where they actually got
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bin laden. is this for smaller situations? clearly not. >> this one was trouble in munchkin land. >> stephanie: only countries with little people. it is a tiny -- it is really small. >> situation here. very tiny situation. >> stephanie: situation in oz perhaps? >> in that picture the famous picture that was taken, it looked a lot bigger. it's not. it's tiny. >> i furtherly examine bin laden. >> stephanie: we got to find out all sorts of white house fun facts. >> yes, we did. >> stephanie: the president of china gave us these. we gave them one of these leftover -- i'm like you regifted? oh, there is a dove here in the cabinet where the presidential papers -- i'm like the president panicking. where is that crappy ashtray angela merkel gave me?
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>> miller fillmore paperweight. >> yes, we did drink white house water. i think it was taft's bath water. >> stephanie: surprisingly substandard. so that was saturday. saturday night was amazing. sexy liberal. every sexy liberal in the universe was there. tom hartman was in the audience. joe madison. we had rocky mountain mic and daniel and sue in rockville. i can't even -- >> we did the show. >> road flare mary was there. of course i'm lying about that. >> you people! >> stephanie: i can't afford it because the blacks stole all my son's food stamps and filled their escalades up with groceries. i don't have the money. show me a poor jew. >> stephanie: all right. >> groceries and corves a yea.
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>> stephanie: good morning mary. >> don't get me started. >> stephanie: alan grayson who of course was our surprise celebrity guest and who once again got a standing ovation for walking. when he walks into the theatre. >> those boots he was wearing -- >> stephanie: they were made for walking. >> he always wears those boots. >> stephanie: and the patriotic tie. he's 1,000 feet tall. hard to miss him. he's a rock star. >> he's a wonderful man. >> stephanie: i love him so much. we got stiffed by alec baldwin again. >> he was the second. >> stephanie: he was kind of the bell of the ball here. traffic is -- you can't get anywhere. he was hosting the comcast ball or something. he kept -- we were e-mailing. how big were the flowers roland? i will say alec baldwin sent me like a forest. >> and lily tomlin. greatest person in the world.
6:29 am
>> stephanie: i know it. they sent us -- which of course we drank out of dental cups backstage. >> that was expensive champagne that you drank out of dixie cups. >> she's just classy. >> stephanie: right. but anyway, we were unfortunately -- what do you call it? alec baldwin, we were e-mailing back and forth and he was stuck in traffic. we'll do a reality show, right waiting for alec baldwin. >> you have enough episodes now. >> stephanie: one day my prince will come. see what you do? this is what we do, roland. we went right up to the break before i say oh, and i met the vice president. that's a tease! this ain't my first time at the rodeo. right back with "the stephanie miller show."
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right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>> you'll always be -- >> stephanie miller -- >> the nicest, sweetest, coolest girl at the pageant and this year's miss congeniality. [ cheering ] >> stephanie: okay. it is "the stephanie miller show." live on the road from washington, d.c. for inauguration today of the president barack obama. please and thank you. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. >> sure. >> yeah. >> travis can text me who's on the line. >> stephanie: look at roland jacki spooning in the other thing.
6:35 am
cutest thing i've ever seen. >> we've become one person over the course of the last 48 hours. >> that is totes adorbs. >> stephanie: we've only been here since friday. we haven't got ton yesterday. i forgot the other thing -- have we been tweeting pictures? i can't tell -- >> because you've been drunk. everything that you sent to me is on your facebook page. >> stephanie: okay. it has been irmagird weekend. there are pictures with me and senator elizabeth warren. thank you very much. for political geeks kenny loggins was playing. oh, my god, elizabeth warren. unless he's doing footloose i don't care. i wanted to meet elizabeth warren and did i. senator al franken. pictures of me. >> those are all up on your facebook page. >> stephanie: yes. how radio is.
6:36 am
not the same -- not as good as the senate apparently. >> what was his review of the show? >> this has not been your best show. >> stephanie: he wasn't at sexy liberal. it was great to see him. i know. actually you remember last time i felt like we were here, we launched the washington station with him. when we started. >> that's right. >> stephanie: like eight or nine years ago. it was me and him. >> the first washington station. >> we arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. >> stephanie: we almost got run over by john mccain. he looks angry for some reason. where does that take us to? i don't know. yesterday. >> yesterday. what did you do yesterday? >> stephanie: we went to the green ball right jacki? >> oh, wait, hold on. my mic was off. >> stephanie: sorry, were you busy? >> we're having a moment. i had to get roland to turn his shirt right side out. >> stephanie: we're live on
6:37 am
the air. >> is that how that works? >> live? >> stephanie: all right. we went to the green ball. we all got dressed up in hur fancy duds. roland and jacki and melissa fitzgerald and ron that owns the show and is trying to kill me for the life insurance money. went to the green ball. it was amazing. >> it was at the newsseum. it is an amazing building. we talked about some of the things that are there. they have the pulitzer prize winning photos. hal sparks and i had a conversation about doing the whiter in his tux. we had a moment of discussing how to be a newscaster in that environment. >> stephanie: i think roland has drunken video of you and melissa fitzgerald and i of singing "i've got a feeling." >> there is a picture of you with
6:38 am
>> stephanie: we look like two peas in a pod in that picture. so cute. he was totes adorbs. jacki, i do remember that. i remember you and melissa and i dancing and i don't know. >> i have learned as roland is our videographer, you have to say that one doesn't go on facebook. that one does not make the twitters. >> well, when they're pouring champagne to the degree they were pouring last night the ability to self-censor. >> stephanie: i posted what? >> four bottles of champagne. >> this is why you sent them to me so i would be the filter. >> stephanie: frankly i don't remember. i'm sure did i. the guy was sending me a picture. i don't know where. >> the guy who drank an entire bottle of vodka. >> stephanie: he was like the designated -- >> because last night i went to bed at like 9:00. >> stephanie: he was the designated twitter. we were even drunker.
6:39 am
jacki, who did we -- oh, my god i got to talk to senator bob casey who was really sweet. >> he's lovely. he knew my dad was one of the only other prominent catholic politicians after jfk. >> his wife was lovely as well. they were very gracious and very warm. >> stephanie: this is -- obnoxious show of name-dropping in case you're wondering. >> your classmate tate donovan. >> you went to school with tate donovan? >> stephanie: i went to school with a lot of people who are much more successful than i am. it is not hard to be more successful than me but almost everyone i went to school -- >> okay. >> stephanie: so anyway, who else? ed hockey. >> bernie sanders. >> there is a picture of you and him. >> spooning with bernie sanders. >> stephanie: it is hilarious how politics have gone in this
6:40 am
country. when everybody comes on the show we listen. we say that's socialism? that sounds really good. so he gets called this crazy socialist and he's actually -- would be normally -- just be a democrat. it is the republican party. insanely crazy. >> we have a call, debbie in maryland. >> stephanie: really? >> she was at the sexy liberal show. >> in maryland last night. >> stephanie: see how i get nervous. somebody who has a picture of something. hi deb. welcome. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, steph, i was at your show saturday night. >> stephanie: yea. >> caller: i was in the 101k street seat. i didn't get the hug you promised. >> stephanie: i'm sorry. >> caller: i got so sad i walked over to the old grill with friends. but we loved your show. >> stephanie: thank you. you could have groped jim. >> caller: all of the
6:41 am
congressmen that get changed out, they come with all of the young people so all of the young people from all over the country were there, that are moving into town. so they were in partying spirits. >> stephanie: thanks for coming honey. >> you're welcome. >> my wife grew up in d.c. she used to go to the grill to do her underaged drinking when she was a teenager. >> yes.% >> we can go to mike on line three if you want to. >> stephanie: all right. i was in mid story. >> okay. >> stephanie: if mike is more important. welcome. >> thanks for ruining my story. >> caller: good morning. excellent show saturday. thank you guys so much. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: it was so good. i've been with my wife for 18 years. we've been married for 15. she actually kissed me after the show and she growled at me. she's how good the show was. >> stephanie: the sluttiness runs off. >> caller: everybody was fantastic. it was hilarious. thank you, guys, so much.
6:42 am
>> stephanie: we had a great time. thank you for coming you and your slutty wife. love you. i french kissed kevin in d.c. and also -- little more than that. a little reach around -- >> really? >> in front of everybody. >> stephanie: my sexy liberal man warrior and i'm his alabaster angel. there is angel when you taste brown sugar. >> even if you're that way? >> stephanie: i was holding him close and it reminded me of when we did the subway story last week. the guy complained. >> he only got 11 inches. >> stephanie: that's kevin on a cold day. that's kevin just taking out the first section. >> unfolded the other section? >> stephanie: like in a corny -- like -- sorry. i haven't seen one in awhile. exactly. >> you know, where you -- >> stephanie: thunk, thunk thunk, thunk. like something falling down the
6:43 am
stairs. oh, what is that? sections. >> oh, my god, are you okay? >> stephanie: is this just the first hour? >> this is just the first hour. >> and you were only out until 2:00. >> stephanie: right. who else. who else did we meet? it was just amazing. for political geeks like us. political geek prom, the inauguration. right? who else did we meet? we met everybody. >> you're asking her? she got in at 4:00 a.m. >> but the best part was when melissa fitzgerald knocked at me my door at 4:00 a.m. to get her coat and bag out of my room. i was already ready for bed and melissa was still in her prom dress. >> she didn't have a show to do this morning. >> stephanie: yeah she's a bad influence. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we're doing it again tonight. so the big moment -- >> the green ball. >> what were you teaching her about grinder? >> we were teaching everybody
6:44 am
about grinder. >> stephanie: you know what we saw and we helped get in? >> speaking of grinder. >> no. >> stephanie: let jacki tell the story. >> we're walking out of the green ball to go into another section of the newseum and i said isn't that darren from glee? he was at the entrance table having trouble getting in. because i don't know if they didn't recognize him or he didn't have i.d. on him. we said -- >> stephanie: we said that's -- >> yes, you have to let him in. she went around and talked to them and they let him in. he doesn't know this but he owes me. >> stephanie: darin hello. anything would be nice. >> he could give me a nice kiss, make out little bit whatever. he's adorable. >> stephanie: the -- what can you say? we're standing around talking. is that the vice president? of the united states?
6:45 am
yes, he came to the green ball. oh, my god. it was a big fing deal. it was. jacki, i don't know if you were -- >> roland texted me. i was hanging out with hal and summer and we had gone up to see some of the entertainment. he said get backstage now. i've got a series of -- now! you don't seem to understand, now! as we walked back, some guy literally pushed me and said you can't come back here now. apparently roland doesn't have sway over the vice president's guards. >> really? >> stephanie: roland is going to post a bunch of pictures because it wasn't just a moment. we were actually talking and laughing and he gave me a kiss. it was amazing. he is as charming as you hear. he really was -- it was incredible. >> great picture of him in the west wing. if you ever get a white house tour. >> stephanie: but anyway, he was amazing. i said he remembers everything. >> he said to you you are a
6:46 am
beautiful woman. >> stephanie: but yeah. >> he says that to all of the girls. >> stephanie: i testified in front of you with that -- about talk radio and he was like oh -- that's what he said. oh, that's right. i never forget a beautiful woman. >> he has the softest hands. >> stephanie: listen, roland -- i don't know what you're implying. don't lose him the blue collar vote next time. what's wrong with you? that was amazing. he was really -- he's just that charming. he's warm and charming and he gives. >> big hug. so there. so there's that story. roland, you posted a picture last night. >> it is like -- 17 hundred00 likes in less than 12 hours. >> stephanie: so this happened. i sent it to everyone i know. this just happened. >> he's very photogenic, too.
6:47 am
>> stephanie: very. handsome and romantic. >> we're look at it as we speak. it is amazing. >> stephanie: yeah. >> for those of you who haven't seen stephanie without her baseball hat you looked very glamorous last night. >> stephanie: thank you, sweetheart. >> you looked gorge. >> stephanie: you looked like a little fairy princess. >> a drunk fairy princess. we started taking photos. wrapped my legs around roland. is this too raunchy to post on twitter? >> stephanie: nothing too raunchy to post on twitter. >> oh, lord. >> stephanie: chris, that's your rule. nothing good ever happens after phone calls after 3:00 a.m. >> nothing good happens after drinking brown liquor. >> white liquor is fine. >> stephanie: we've learned everything the hard way. >> a whole bottle of vodka is fine. >> so you're an alcohol racist. >> at 3:00 a.m., jacki and i were trying to convince the please car to drive us home when we couldn't find a cab.
6:48 am
>> stephanie: i forgot about all of the walking in the high heels. i literally started crying. it was blocks, i was freezing. the phones seemed broken in one of my feet at least. i was like ron! >> you're too pretty to be this complainy. >> stephanie: where is a cab? >> every time you go to d.c., it is cold! don't wear open-toed shoes with heels? >> stephanie: we need girl shoes. my uggs with my gown. >> please don't. >> stephanie: much more inauguration day. happy inauguration day live from d.c. it's "the stephanie miller show" on the road. >> announcer: she's your human happy pill. ♪ happy happy joy joy ♪ it's a "the stephanie miller show."
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♪ tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good good night ♪ ♪ let's do it ♪ >> stephanie: okay. on roland's phone i have us drunkenly dancing live with >> the speaker's at the bottom. >> stephanie: hang on. we're going to post this. >> we're having a great time. we're having an amazing time. let's do it! let's do it!
6:54 am
>> okay. i don't think they can hear that. >> stephanie: okay. we'll post that because that looked like spring break jacki. that was really -- that was so like ft. lauderdale. >> it was very daytona beach 1992. not cute. >> stephanie: that's one of those moments -- >> where you think it is a good idea and you play it back afterwards, oh, yeah -- >> stephanie: i thought we were really on key at the time. >> oh, you weren't. >> i love that song, don't you? >> you were just kind of shouting. >> stephanie: and jumping. >> poe -- pogoing. i get excitable. >> it gets the job done, i suppose. >> stephanie: all right. we're online from washington, d.c. obviously. >> from the bill press studio. >> stephanie: here on capitol hill getting ready for the inauguration of president barack obama. oh, do we have some sound? we actually have him taking the oath yesterday. >> cut number one. >> stephanie: thank you tony
6:55 am
back in l.a. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. >> don't screw it up this time. >> do it. >> stephanie: all right. i got a feeling tonight's gonna be a good night. that's what he said. travis bone, our associate producer house-sitter, dog watcher. he sent a picture of max and fred. with their biscuits. >> and milk bones. >> stephanie: thank you, travis. travis and tony holding down the fort back in l.a. we'll be broadcasting live from
6:56 am
here tomorrow as well. >> live? >> stephanie: tonight again balls. >> are you going to balls? >> stephanie: just an excuse to keep saying balls. they were so excited to see sexy sexy liberal. they've been waiting so long, they had inaugural blue balls. they've been waiting so lock for us to come to d.c. >> baby it's cold outside. >> stephanie: last night the green ball was fabulous. green balls my favorite. i was a jolly green giant fan as a child. >> how about black and blue balls? >> stephanie: they haven't had those yet. tonight i think we're going to the big one. >> the big balls? >> stephanie: the big balls are tonight. >> oh, dear god. >> stephanie: stop inflating it. thank you, jacki. the first time the president was inaugurated, last time we were here, he went to a bunch of the balls. this time he was only going to one. i'm going to that one tonight with congressman alan grayson
6:57 am
and hopefully the rest of us. we're still trying to scrounge tickets. >> all right. >> stephanie: so like you were saying, he had to -- today is the official. >> yesterday was the official one. today is the ceremonial one. >> stephanie: exactly. >> you're drunk. >> stephanie: yes, i am. >> constitutional requirement that he is sworn in by noon on the 20th. that's why he had to do it yesterday. >> stephanie: yes. i'm going to -- i'm going to a% thing to see senator barbara boxer of the great state of california right after this show. post-inauguration thing. it is a parade of fanciness. >> oh, wow. >> you're going in your spin clothes? >> stephanie: the logistics here have been daunting for me. i don't know where i'm going. >> yeah. >> stephanie: so i don't -- we'll figure that out. >> go home and change obviously. >> you have to come to d.c. and see our local politicians. >> right. >> stephanie: right. >> isn't that ironic?
6:58 am
>> stephanie: yes. we met the senator from d.c. who is technically a ghost right? >> he doesn't vote. >> i'm not sure i understood how that works. >> stephanie: because -- >> he sits on committees. >> stephanie: it is like when you're trained to be a waiter. you shadow the other waiter. >> he sits on committees. he gives input. he just can't vote. >> because we have no voting rights in d.c. >> stephanie: when we come back, we have audio of my new best friend, vice president joe biden being sworn in yesterday. >> awesome! >> stephanie: much more. oh, my god. this may not in retrospect have been a good idea. we're live from d.c. it is the "the stephanie miller show."
6:59 am


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